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01 March 2016 @ 11:57 pm
Round #81 - Info  
Thank you for the suggestions! Sorry again the info is up late this month.

- All icons must be newly made for this round & fit LJ standards.
- Icons needed to be 100x100 unless stated.
- No pre-made bases/PSDs may be used in the making of the icon unless you made them.
- Do not take other makers tumblr/devinart/etc graphics/fan art and cut it down to icon size.
- Do not upload your icons to Fanpop.
- Please save all of your icons in the same format!!
- Submit your entries as a new entry to this community.
- If you want to post at your own journal, post 3 teaser icons and link here. Also make sure your entry to your icon journal is public until the winners are posted.
- Use the table provided please. If you don't wish to do so, at least make sure that the themes are in order however you post your entry.
- Let me know if you would like a participation banner when you post your entry.
- I'll be putting in the tags manually after you submit your entry {unless you want to put them in for me - round81,username:yourname}.
- Put Round #81 - Your username in the subject of your entry.
- Everything must be completed by Monday, March 21st by 11:30 PM ET

Here are the themes & categories. Remember that you do not have a set theme so you may use photos of anybody/anything that you feel fits the theme. Please keep it at least PG-13. If you have any questions, comment and ask.

List of participants (you can sign up until the round ends).

(10) Themes: brand new*, Easter*, fluffy, glamour, gold, green, hop*, horse, roar, & round*.

brand new: Icon something that is new. This can be a new car or flowers popping out of the ground for spring.
Easter: If you don't celebrate/want to icon Easter, you can icon something associated with Easter such as bunnies or candy.
hop: Icon something that hops. This can be a frog, bunny, human, etc.
round: Icon needs to either feature something round or be round shaped..or both. ;)

(5) Category: Spring - Make 5 icons of things that you associate with spring time.

(5) Artist's Choice:


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