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freedom in the form of 20 icons

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making 20 icons in 20 days, your choice of subject

about01This community was based on communities such as celeb20in20 & icons20in20 but with my own twist. You'll be making 20 icons in 20 days but you just claim your spot, not your subject. The reason behind this is to make things a bit more random and more interesting when it comes to voting.
how it works021. When the sign up post is posted, claim your spot by commenting on that entry. You must be a member to do this.
2. You'll have 20 days to make and post your icons.
3. Icons must meet LJ standards and be PG-13 appropriate.
4. Icons must be new for each round, not recycled!!
categories/voting details03 - 10 themes. These will change each round to keep things interesting. The themes will be their own voting post starting (hopefully) on the 21st.
- 5 special icon set which will also changing every month. This one will one set theme that you must make 5 icons out of the same colors such as red, black & white, & 5 of the same photo. This set will also have it's own voting post. You'll be voting for individual icons and I'll add them up so we'll find out who has both the best set and the best icons based on the number of votes.
- 5 Artist's Choice. Everybody's favorite of course. This is where you can go nuts and not have to worry about a theme. Also this will have it's own voting post as well.

These all total up to 20 obviously which must be posted by the 20th of the month. Voting will be posted before the end of the month so that there is enough time to vote and post the results before the new month starts.

Banner makers: hermionesparkle, jane948, & czarnalukrecja
affiliates04If you'd like to be an affiliate, please post here.

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credits05layout code credit, user info, & layout header is made by amine87 as a result of our first header challenge.

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